Why HPE invested in Synergy, “The Composable Infrastructure”?

HPE is positioning Synergy “The Composable Infrastructure” to slowly phaseout c7000 “BladeSystem” that was announced in 2006 and remained unmatchable since then. Synergy introduces industry’s first Composable Infrastructure” that echos HPE’s modern IT slogan “Hybrid IT Transformation” and replaces traditional c7000. Recently, many of the c7000 customers are asking questions around HPE’s new product line announcement – Synergy BladeSystem – “Why do we need Synergy”?


Answer to the question lies in the question that HPE asked themselves before investing huge efforts in research and development of Synergy. Why HPE needed to come up with new product line when c7000 was keeping up with the development of new SAN, Network, SAS, Virtual Connect, Flex-Fabric technologies? Since its launch, c7000 BladeSystems adapted to most of the new technologies with a minor firmware code upgrade and delivered unprecedented performance and uptime to its customers. Still, HPE decided to invest in new product to deliver an unmatchable experience to the customers. Undoubtedly, HPE’s efforts paid off with Synergy that simplifies the environment for a quicker deployment Synergy poses several benefits to IT –

  • Industry demand is to move forward with Composable and Synergy is fully Composable.
  • Quicker to deploy with least components configuration.
  • It is Simple to deploy and manage.
  • Costs much less to upgrade than any other product in market.
  • Interconnected upgrade options are integrated as local resources with the introduction of re-timers in satellite fabric modules.

While developing the Synergy platform, HPE kept in mind that be it a traditional customer with simple applications (web hosting, fileshares, simple virtualized environment, database and home grown or legacy applications) or a customer with new breed of complex applications and services (DevOps, containers, managed services, hosting), HPE ensures that the “Composable Infrastructure” will be able to meet the requirements and demands of modern IT managers and administrators.

Composable infrastructure offers –
– Composable Frame
– Composable Management
– Composable Computer
– Composable Storage
– Composable Fabric

Composable Infrastructure benefits from its underlying components –
– Fluid Resource Pool
– Software-defined Intelligence
– Unified Programming Interface

HPE Synergy significantly reduces number of components on a purchase order and that is made possible with the introduction of new interconnect modules and compute nodes. With new generation compute modules, Synergy offers infrastructure to any size environment and makes it future proof with a promise to accommodate future technologies. While HPE is yet to release more information on its future product line it is a very good guess to assume that HPE’s latest undertaken projects will be first take option on Synergy, such as – Photonics, The Machine, Simplivity, More variants Storage and Fabric interconnect modules.

(More information can be found at http://www.hpe.com/info/synergy )
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